XLSX.jl is a Julia package to read and write Excel spreadsheet files.

Internally, an Excel XLSX file is just a Zip file with a set of XML files inside. The formats for these XML files are described in the Standard ECMA-376.

This package follows the EMCA-376 to parse and generate XLSX files.


  • Julia v1.3

  • Linux, macOS or Windows.


From a Julia session, run:

julia> using Pkg

julia> Pkg.add("XLSX")

Source Code

The source code for this package is hosted at https://github.com/felipenoris/XLSX.jl.


The source code for the package XLSX.jl is licensed under the MIT License.

Getting Help

If you're having any trouble, have any questions about this package or want to ask for a new feature, just open a new issue.


Contributions are always welcome!

To contribute, fork the project on GitHub and send a Pull Request.


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