Migration Guides

Migrating Legacy Code to v0.8

Version v0.8 introduced a breaking change on methods XLSX.gettable and XLSX.readtable.

These methods used to return a tuple data, column_labels. On XLSX v0.8 these methods return a XLSX.DataTable struct that implements Tables.jl interface.

Basic code replacement


data, col_names = XLSX.readtable(joinpath(data_directory, "general.xlsx"), "table4")


dtable = XLSX.readtable(joinpath(data_directory, "general.xlsx"), "table4")
data, col_names = dtable.data, dtable.column_labels

Reading DataFrames

Since XLSX.DataTable implements Tables.jl interface, the result of XLSX.gettable or XLSX.readtable can be passed to a DataFrame constructor.


df = DataFrame(XLSX.readtable("myfile.xlsx", "mysheet")...)


df = DataFrame(XLSX.readtable("myfile.xlsx", "mysheet"))